English Premier League CH II


Confronting an Arsenal in form with a 10-match unbeaten streak is not easy. However, the terrible threat of Liverpool made Arsenal lose since the match had not started.

Coach Arteta chose a defensive style of play for Arsenal and thanks to that, Liverpool controlled the game easily from beginning to end. Ramsdale had a sublime day but it was not enough to stop the attacking stars of The Kop. As a result, Liverpool still got up to 4 goals against Arsenal to prove their strength. 

Stepping to the Champions League playground, Liverpool is not arrogant even though they won the top of their group two rounds early. Coach Klopp launched a squad that is not the strongest because of the effects of injury. However, Liverpool played extremely uncomfortable, making the opponent unable to find a goal despite overwhelming. By the time they exerted their strength in the second half, Porto broke down and suffered a worthy 0-2 defeat.

After 2 winless matches in the Premier League against Man City and Brighton, Liverpool have come back strong to occupy 3rd place in the rankings. The port city team is still 4 points from the top of Chelsea but can close the gap in this round. Chelsea have to face a Man United that is hot and can lose points. But it is important for Liverpool to solve their game.

This season, Liverpool are keeping the streak of scoring at least 2 goals in 16 consecutive matches in all competitions. They have not lost a match at home this season. Fort Anfield once again became a solid fulcrum and made opponents tremble with a mentality of accepting leaving scores here. And the difference in strength between the two teams now makes the outcome of the next match easy to predict.

Southampton is still playing extremely unstable this season. They have many very good matches, even holding Man City with a score of 0-0 at the beginning of the season. However, the high form with 3 wins and 1 draw in the Premier League was not enough to help Southampton overcome the bottom team Norwich.