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In the first game to lead Tottenham in the Premier League, coach Conte left a little mark. Spurs produced their best defensive performance of the season against Everton and kept a clean sheet. However, the attack could not take advantage of the opportunity, causing Spurs to accept a 0-0 draw.

With Conte, the biggest problem is still helping Tottenham's attack regain inspiration. Only, building a stronger defense also means that Conte has to sacrifice strength from attack. Spurs are already easily caught when there are only 2 mutant stars, Son Heung-min and Harry Kane. So, now Tottenham's attacks are even more vulnerable. 

The upcoming match against Leeds is a perfect training session for Tottenham. Leeds itself is not a strong team in defense. So, if Spurs continue to be dead, this will be a new problem that Conte has to solve.

After the Leeds match, Tottenham will have a series of easy matches against Burnley, Brentford and Norwich. Therefore, Tottenham's attack needs to find the best and fastest way to quickly chase the top 4. Creating good momentum against the aforementioned weak opponents will be a premise for Spurs to be more confident. when they faced Leicester and Liverpool afterwards. 

Conte is a talented head coach. And the upcoming match with Leeds is an opportunity for the Italian military to show this ability.

Leeds still has the fear of the big man
Leeds has always shown fragility in defence. It comes from the dedication of this team under Marcelo Bielsa. It's easy to play against weaker teams but they definitely have problems playing against opponents with better individuals. That is also the reason that 8/11 points that Leeds won this season are against teams that are ranked lower than them.

Coach Bielsa prefers a 1-on-1 game. That will open up opportunities for opposing players to score if they pass successfully. With an opponent like this, the chance for Harry Kane to find a goal is huge. However, Kane will have to make the best use of the opportunity because Leeds' sacrifice means that the possibility of them getting a goal is not small. 

Leeds entered the match in good form. They have only lost 1 of the last 5 matches in the Premier League and are on a 3-match unbeaten streak. However, the next match is a confrontation of two of the worst scorers in the Premier League this season. Leeds have only scored 11 goals this season while Tottenham have 9 goals. Therefore, it is difficult to expect an explosive match between the two teams, especially when the Tottenham defense has significantly strengthened under Conte's hand.