Formula One


 The Jeddah Corniche circuit might not be the only one to host the #SaudiArabianGP. The kingdom has submitted an application to host 2 Grand Prix in the future in the same season of the F1 World Championship.

Known as "the fastest urban circuit in F1" it will celebrate its third edition this Sunday and before it the President of the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation, Prince Sultan al-Abdullah al-Faisal has commented that they have in mind having 2 World Cup appointments in the country.

Saudi Arabia wants to have 2 F1 Grands Prix

An economy to match

" Saudi Arabia is a great market for F1 and we have a very strong and solid economy ," he explained to the press.

“ F1 is constantly growing and here there is a lot of interest in it. The regions are very far from each other, we are similar to the United States in that aspect . " Therefore, the idea of ​​having 2 races in our country is feasible ."

“ There are three races in the United States because they also have a big market for F1. Here we have a lot of demand to have more F1 tests, people ask for it although we have not made the final decision yet ".

" There are many things to discuss about it and we don't know if in the end organizing two tests on this circuit is practical and possible for the FOM and the teams ."

a second circuit

The president of the Federation continued arguing that idea of ​​expanding the number of tests in his country by adding new elements to take into account.

“ If we were able to build this circuit in theory we can have two tests in the future and I wouldn't be surprised at all ”.

He made reference to a second circuit with which to apply to the FOM for this new scoring test for the F1 World Cup. The well-known Qiddiya project near Riyadh that began its construction 4 years ago.

" I think that in 2027 or 2028 it can be fully operational." "The first impressions we have received from the FOM are totally positive, they like the circuit ."

It is located in the center of Qiddiya, a location where Saudi Arabia has focused a great economic effort with very important plans and projects for the future of the Kingdom.

" We will have hotels, theme parks, green areas, everything will be wonderful ." " What we cannot do is finish the circuit and move the Grand Prix to that area while the entire environment is under construction ."

“ We will get going with all this when the city that we have projected in Qiddiya is a reality and is completely finished .”

What he has not commented on is under what name the organizers propose the presence of a second F1 Grand Prix. Although surely that is not a problem if the proposal is finally approved.