Nottingham got off to a bad start in the English Premier League this season, and even coach Chris Hughton's teachers and students did not have a score after the first 2 matches. Having to face a Blackburn who is at the top of the table in this round will be a great challenge for the City Ground team.

As a mid-range team in the English Premier League, the recent few seasons Nottingham have not shown big enough ambition to aim for the Premier League. Last season they finished in 17th place after bringing in a total of 52 points from 46 appearances. At the end of the season Nottingham played very badly with not winning in all 5 closing matches. In the summer Nottingham did not have much time to participate in friendly matches.

They played 3 matches and brought 2 wins and 1 draw. Thought that result would help Nottingham confidently enter the new season, but a bad scenario happened. Right in the opening match, they lost to Coventry 1-2 away, followed by a 1-2 defeat when welcoming Bournemouth at home. The empty hand after the opening two rounds made Nottingham stuck in 23rd place in the rankings. A rare bright spot at this stage is the defeat of Bradford City 2-1 in the 1/64th round of the English League Cup.

Blackburn also did not play very well last season, they only brought back 57 points after 46 rounds and ranked 15th in the rankings. With the current strength, it may be a long time before Blackburn has the opportunity to return to the Premier League playing field. Towards the new season, Blackburn participated in 4 friendly matches but unfortunately they only won 1 of them. However, Blackburn surprised a bit when defeating Swansea 2-1 in the opening match and most recently drew Millwall 1-1.

Currently with 4 points, Blackburn is in 6th place on the table and has many opportunities to rise. However, with a 1-2 defeat to Morecambe in round 1/64 of the English League Cup, plus only winning 1/6 recent appearances, it is clear that the upcoming time is still very difficult for Blackburn. Remember, in the last 3 encounters with Nottingham, Blackburn all regretted leaving the field.